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Pex Tubing Attached to Wire Mesh

Slab on Grade Applications

To be Covered With Concrete


Pex Tubing Stapled to SubFloor

Suspended Floor Applications

To be Covered With Gyp-Crete Floor Underlayment

The pictures below show the installation of "nailer's" 2x4's attached to the SubFloor for direct nail down hardwood floors. We tube around the nailers and the Gyp-Crete is poured to the same height at an 1 1/2" creating a smooth floor for hardwood attachment.


Pex Tubing Attached Under SubFloor with Wirsbo Joist Trak Panels

This installation method provides an alternative to embedding the tubing in Gyp-Crete, and with the Wirsbo Joist Trak Panels it provides an even heat transfer to your floor


Pex Tubing Attached to SubFloor with Wirsbo Quik Trak Panels

Used mostly in remodel projects Quik Trak enables us to install Radiant Floor Heat on top of a SubFloor and only add a 1/2" to the height of the floor. Any floor good can be placed directly on top of the Quik Trac giving you the warmth of Radiant Heat with minimal floor height adjustments

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